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Ben Hackett (he/him)

Ben Hackett is a 22 year old Irish creative, who explores multi-disciplinary arts that include costume design and production, visual arts, and acting for both stage and screen. He has worked on a series of projects, from short film Un-Door (2020), as costume designer and maker, props maker, and puppeteer; to starring in Pillow Queen's Be By Your Side (2022), and TENI's Have You Ever Felt? (2019) campaign ad; as well as designing album art (Moving Day) and merchandise art (Growing Pains) for up-and-coming Irish artist, Sammy Copley. Currently studying costume design in IADT, he will graduate in 2023, and hopes to continue working in the film and theatre industry, both in acting and behind the scenes.

Photo by Jakub Bajerski

She Loves Me

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