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King Arthur Semi-Opera

Conductor: David Adams

Director: Aoife Spillane-Hinks

Movement Director: Libby Seward

Cast and Orchestra: RIAM Tertiary Students

Set, Costume and Make-Up Design: Design for Stage and Screen, IADT

Lighting Design: Kevin Smith

Producer: Kathleen Tynan, RIAM

Poster Design: Lauren Rush

Photographer: Mark Stedman

Production Details

In this RIAM/IADT collaborative project, I was given the opportunity to work as part of a nine person costume team, which allowed me to work in the areas of design, construction, breakdown, dyeing, dressing, laundry, and repairs.

The opera was performed as a story being told by people set in a dystopian world where repurposing items was a necessity, so the designs had to be creative in the material choices, and all costumes were heavily broken down and aged.  Actors played a multitude of different characters, so all actors were provided with an eco-dyed base costume which was built upon for each character.

Role Details

Design: Grimbald; Saxon Warriors (collab.)

Construction: Grimbald; Grimbald's Spirits (collab.); Saxon Warriors (collab.); King Oswald (collab.)

Dyeing: Grimbald; Saxon Warriors; Nymphs, Sirens and Sylvans; King Oswald; Base Costumes (collab.)

Breakdown: Grimbald; Grimbald's Spirits (collab.); Saxon Warriors; King Oswald (collab.) Merlin (collab.); Nymphs, Sirens and Sylvans; Briton Soldiers (collab.); Base Costumes

Assistance: Briton Soldiers (1 jacket decoration); King Arthur (cape attachment and gaiters); Shepherd (1 cloak breakdown); Sylvan (1 smock construction)


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